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  • Bill Bean's Erector Set and A.C. Gilbert    Website - Erector Sets and other toys produced by the A.C. Gilbert    Company between 1913 and 1962 

  • Construx Creations    - Fun projects put together with Fisher-Price Construx. Lots of pictures. 

  • Electronics in Meccano - Features    motor control methods and soldering. Each circuit covered includes a list    with current Maplin codes and prices. Includes data sheets, and articles. 

  • Frank Hornby and Friends -    Features architectural and construction models including Meccano, Bayko,    Erector, and Arkitex. Provides images of catalogues, models, and boxes.    Includes links. 

  • Geoff Lilleker at work    and play - Collects architectural construction toys with a particular    interest in Bayko building sets but all systems are of interest. 

  • Girder and    Panel Collectors Club - Club for collectors of Kenner and other licenced    manufacturers of Panel and Girder construction toys. 

  • Jackie's Architectural    Pages - Descriptions of various types of architectural toys, with    directory of manufacturers. 

  • Jim's Meccano Page -    Collector features photos, tips, information on Meccano construction sets.    Also the British Columbia Meccano Club site. 

  • Joel Perlin - Metal Construction Toy    Specialist - Offers sales of new and antique erector and Meccano sets,    as well as obsolete and replica spare parts. Includes magazine, and model of    the month. 

  • Meccano    Model Library - Site dedicated to modelling with Meccano, including    photo gallery and details of construction. 

  • Meccano OnLine Index -    Information and EMag for Meccano users. 

  • MeccanoNet - Offers    information and resources for Meccano collectors and builders. 

  • Steel Tec -    Information and data on the Steel Tec model construction system

  • SELMEC - The South East London Meccano    Club - UK club providing information on meetings in Eltham and yearly    exhibition in Bromley. Includes model gallery, and links. 

  • Sheffield    Meccano Guild - Membership, events, and Meccano information. 

  • The Southern California Meccano &    Erector Club - The worldwide association of individuals whose hobby is    to collect sets and literature, or build models in Erector, Meccano,    Marklin, or any other metal construction system. 

  • West London Meccano Society    - Photographs of members' models, details of meetings, articles, and    publication lists.