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  • Barbara's Toy Bin -    Offers variety of restaurant promotional toys and keyrings including    McDonald's, Burger King, Arby's, Taco Bell, and Wendy's. Includes    description, and prices. 

  • Che and Sandy's Fast Food Toys -    Sales of promotional restaurant toy premiums including Snoopy Singapore    World Tour collection, McDonald character happy meal beanies, Burger King    Simpsons, Lord of the Ring, and Taco Bell talking Chihuaha. Includes    pictures. 

  • Dutch McDonald    Collector Site - Happy Meal premium enthusiast in Holland shares history    of the restaurant and photographs from a variety of promotions. Includes    related links, wanted, and trade list. 

  • Holly's Toy Box -    Features restaurant premium toys and character advertising toys for sale.    Includes McDonald's, M&M's, Disney, and Pez. Provides lists, and prices. 

  • Karen's Fast    Food Toys - Buy, sell, or trade toys from McDonald's, Burger King, Taco    Bell, and Wendy's, including character novelties. Provides pictures of    collection, and links. 

  • Kevin's UK    McDonald Toys - Collector shares photographs and information on    promotional restaurant Happy Meal premiums in United Kingdom. Includes    current list of items, trade, and wanted list. 

  • Laylaemily The Most Toys    - Collector offers promotional toys and beanies for sale or trade including    McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Dairy Queen. Includes archived photos    of promotions. 

  • McDonald's    Toys for Trade - Private collector in Taiwan seeks to trade Happy Meal    toys with collectors in other parts of the world. Site includes distribution    year and photos. 

  • My Back Porch -    Offers sale or trade of restaurant premiums from McDonald's, Burger King,    Taco Bell, Wendy's, and beanie accessories. Includes pictures, and links. 

  • Noel's Toys For    Sale Page - Offers sale of McDonald's, action figures, dolls, and    accessories. Characters include Star Wars, Simpsons, Star Trek, Disney, and    Peanuts. Includes pictures and prices. 

  • OnLine Reference    for Fast Food Toys - Provides reference list of McDonald's Happy Meal,    Burger King, and Wendy's restaurant premium toys. Includes webring. 

  • Pat and Clive's    Collectibles - Features McDonald's Happy Meal premiums, Wade Whimsies,    plus a variety of Wade, Royal Doulton, Bunnykins, and Wedgwood collectibles.    Includes list, and prices. 

  • Sheila's    Happy Trade Offerings - United States collector of McDonald's Happy Meal    toys seeks foreign collectors for trading. Includes list of items available. 

  • Thrifty    Shoppers Fast Food Toys - Features sell and trade of variety of    restaurant premium toys including McDonald's, Burger King, M & M,    Whitman, Snoopys, and cereal toys. Includes links.