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  • Akron Marbles - Dedicated to    documenting, researching, and sharing the history of the American Toy Marble    Industry that began in Akron, Ohio. Includes photos, patents, and related    links. 

  • Alan's Marble Connection -    Personal page offers images of collection and information on fakes and    reproductions. Includes items for sale and help with identification. 

  • Drew Fritts Marbles - Maker of    individually handcrafted collectible glass marbles and wooden marble stands.    Pictures and descriptions included. 

  • Jabo - Vitro Agate - Producer of    marbles in the United States. Offers history of marbles, games played,    desktop themes, information on clubs, collecting, tournaments, and events.    Factories located in Reno, Ohio and Williamstown, West Virginia. 

  • Jane's Marble Collection -    Collector shares photo images and descriptions from marbles of all colors    and types. 

  • The Marble Lady - Features    information on Cathy Runyan-Svacina, a person who holds the 1998 Guinness    World Record for "The largest marble tournament". Provides    presentations to schools, clubs, and events, as well as book sales. 

  • - A    network of sites related to collecting, playing, and marble making. Includes    bulletin board, and event calendar. 

  • The Marbleguy's Marble    Museum - Collector museum includes picture gallery of odd balls,    fantasy, machine, and handmade marbles. 

  • Reg's Magical World of Marbles    - Features images from personal collection, and links. 

  • Round Mountain Marbles -    Childhood gems features pictures of marble collection, memories of childhood    games, identification, and storage boxes. Includes sales. 

  • Shepherd's Antique    Marbles - Collectors site offers picture gallery of variety of marbles    including comic strip, and vintage handmade.