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  • Alta Carta - Forum for trading    playing cards of interest to collectors, as well as information about    playing cards. 

  • Andy's Playing Cards - An    interesting site with numerous illustrations of playing cards, links, and an    article on the history of playing cards. 

  • Bicycle    Playing Cards - Informative article on Bicycle playing cards,    particularly Rider Back and other designs used by the United States Playing    Card Company. 

  • Card Art -    Various images of collectible playing cards. 

  • Chris's Jokers - Gallery of    playing card jokers, features a collection of French Special Edition cards. 

  • Dondorf Playing Cards - The history    of Dondorf playing cards, including images of nearly all of their beautiful    decks. 

  • dotpattern - playing cards    gallery - Picture galleries featuring a joker collection, playing cards,    trading cards and phone cards, with information and links about collecting. 

  • Encyclopedia of    Playing Cards - A continually growing listing of playing cards, with    copyright dates, manufacturers and other useful information. 

  • FAQ for    Playing-Cards - Answers to frequently asked questions about playing    cards. 

  • Gunther Anderson's    Playing Card Collection - Occasionally updated galleries of themed decks    of cards, with scanned cards and commentary. 

  • Huub's House of    Jokers - Galleries of a personal collection, duplicates for swapping and    links to other joker collectors. 

  • JohnyJollyJoker -    27 pages of duplicate jokers to swap, guestbook, gallery of old & rare    cards. 

  • Jokers Palace - Playing    card jokers from a collector in the Netherlands. Includes registry of    collectors. 

  • Knave of Delaware -    Useful information on setting up a playing card collection database. 

  • MGM    Joker KG - Playing Cards for Collectors - A German manufacturer of    playing cards specifically targeted to collectors. 

  • Museums with    Collections of Playing-Cards - A text list with hyperlinks to museums    around the world that have historically interesting collections of playing    cards, arranged by country. 

  • My Jokers Album -    Jokers and duplicates for exchange. 

  • Names on    Playing Cards - Article gives the names of persons traditionally linked    with the court card images in a deck of playing cards. 

  • Old German Playing Cards -    Research related to 15th and 16th century playing card decks of German    origin. 

  • The Playing Card - An    informative site about playing card history, terms, and games. 

  • Playing Card Ephemera -    Information pertaining to playing card collecting from two widely-recognized    collectors. 

  • World of Playing Cards - Everything    about playing cards, their history, lore, collecting, manufacture, and    design. 

  • World Web Playing Cards    Museum - Individual effort features a gallery of playing cards with    information about games, collecting, and a message board.