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  • Andy Zito's Snowdomes -    Collection of souvenir, figural, advertising and character snowdomes and    information on collecting, trading, selling, and other collectors. 

  • Dome-O-Rama - Provides pictures of    snowdomes including information on types most favorable. Includes forum,    desktop patterns, trade, contest, newsletter information, and links. 

  • Ferrara Studios - Offer    snowglobe repair and custom snow globes. 

  • Global Shakup - Buy and    sell unusual snow domes, snowglobes, and floaty pens from around the world.    Also create custom snowdomes. 

  • Herb Rabbin - Repairs    plastic or glass snowdomes and offers custom-made snowglobes. 

  • Remco's Snowglobes    - Collection of snowglobes also known as snowdomes or Schneekugel. 

  • Shea's Snow Globes -    Features images of snowglobe collection. Includes links, graphics, places to    buy, and trade information. 

  • Snow in a Globe - Shop online    for snowglobes. Also has a guide to making your own snowglobe. 

  • Snowdome Mania -    Miriam shares pictures of snowdome collection. View tourist snowglobes from    different cities and states. 

  • The Snowdome Room -    Danish enthusiast shares photographs of collection. Includes gallery, news,    snowdome of the week, and related links. 

  • Snowdomes - Let's    Get Shakin' - Shares explanation of domes, and how they recall memories    of vacations. Includes links to state, advertising, famous home, and museum    snowdomes. 

  • Snowdomes Down    Under - A collection of snowdomes, mainly featuring Australian    locations. Most of the domes are of the plastic tourist type. 

  • SnowGlobe's    Garden - Offers images of a snowglobe collection.    

  • Las Vegas    Weekly: Shaken, Not Stirred - Article about snowglobes from Las Vegas,    Nevada. (January 27, 1999)