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  • Art Glass 2 Glass Works - Features    marble collecting information and sales of original and custom designs by    glass artist, M.Bolser, as well as fusing glass supplies. 

  • Bert Cohen's Marvelous Marbles -    Antique, machine-made, and contemporary marbles for sale with photos.    Provides information on book, calendar, coin, and upcoming shows and events. 

  • Blockglass Ltd. - Specializing in    handmade contemporary glass marbles. 

  • -    Offers antique collectible marbles with no reproductions, fakes, or buffed    marbles. Buy, sell, or trade provided. 

  • Fulton Parker Glass -    Contemporary marble maker offers marbles for sale. 

  • - Glass marbles    for sale includes machine made, hand made, and printed. Also offers gifts    such as Moody The Marble. 

  • Innerchild's Memories - Offers    vintage and new production including licensed and play marbles, and replica    tin toys. Includes marble facts. Retail and wholesale sales. 

  • Little Works of Art Marbles -    Offers handmade and machine made contemporary marbles for sale. 

  • Marble Showcase - Provides    sales of marble display cases and information on marble shows, and news.    Includes message forum, and links. 

  • Sedona Antiques    - Handmade and machine made marbles for sale. Marble collections big and    small also bought. 

  • - Dedicated    to the hobby of marble collecting. Use our message board to connect with    other marble collectors. 

  • Utah Marbles - Marlow    Peterson's site offers a variety of marbles and accessories including    posters, collector guides, books, and sets. Includes games.